Avante Logixx

Leading provider of technology enabled security services

Relentlessly Securing Peace of Mind

Avante Logixx Inc. (TSXV: XX) is a leading provider of technology enabled security services. We acquire, manage and build industry leading businesses which provide specialized, mission-critical solutions that address the security risks of our customers.

I was assigned to rebrand Avante Logixx’s logo, website, and the overall vibe of this brand. I tried to keep the brand clean and high-end with a low saturated grey and black as the two main colour through all the mediums.

New Identity

The new logo of Avante Logixx is composed with just the company name, which includes the following meanings.

A. Having pride in security, experiences, and trust from their clients that all employees understand the importances of safety. Therefore I visualized the elements shouldn’t be a symbol and should carry forward with the company name itself.

B. All the characters are followed with logical spacing and size, as it feels like Logixx itself is being build through acquiring different companies and all under the platform of Avante Logixx.

New Website

To encounter the new brand of Avante Logixx. I’ve redesigned the website with a simple, corporate, and yet modern tone through out the site.

One of the biggest brand elements of Avante Logixx is the composition of the “Title” and the “Subtitle”.

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